Self-Centering Chuck K12 Series 4 Jaws

Self-Centering Chuck K11 Series 4 Jaws

Model: K12

Number of  Jaws: 4

Packing: Carton  or Wooden Case

Material: Cast Iron


Self-Centering Chuck K11 Series 4 Jaws

  • Short cylindrical center mounting.
  • The jaws for K12A,K11D and K12E chuck conform to ISO3442 standard.
  • Model of K12C chucks are supplied with Iraditional two-piece jaws.
  • Model of K12 chuck are provided with one-piece jaws (which include a set of internal jaws and a set of external one.)
  • The jaws for K12A,K12C,K12D and K12E chucks are composed of two-piece jaws.They can perform as either intemal or extemal jaws through adjustment.
  • The body materials are classified as gray cast iron(K12),nodular cast (K12 QT)and steel K12G), the body of nodular cast iron and steel is suitable for higher rotation-speed.
  • Short cylindrical center mounting
  • The structure parameters of these chucks are the same as K11 Series
  • Suitable for processing square components and eight-edged components

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