2F Ball Nose Aluminum End Mill HRC55

Solid Carbide Ball Nose Aluminum End Mill

Flute Diameter:R0.5-R10.0mm

Type: Ball Nose Aluminum End Mill

Flute: 2

Helix Angle: 40 degree

Hardness::HRC 45/HRC55/HRC60/HRC65


Solid Carbide Ball Nose Aluminum End Mill

  • Widely used for copper ,Aluminum,Aluminum alloy,copper alloy,nickel alloy, titaanium alloy and plastic etc.
  • Tool overhang,please use the required amount of minmum size,amount of long overhang is high vibration.Turn it to lower the mumber of feed.
  • Please cutting depth,the use of machine tool rigidity,reasonable adjustments rpm and feed rate.

Work Material:


Diameter Standard:



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