4F Roughing End Mill HRC55

4F Roughing End Mill HRC55

Solid Carbide Roughing End Mill

Flute Diameter:6.0-20.0mm

Type:Roughing End Mill

Flute: 4

Helix Angle: 35 degree

Hardness::HRC 45/HRC55/HRC60/HRC65

Coating: AlTiN, TiAlN, TiSiN, TiN, DLC,Nano, Diamond


Solid Carbide Roughing End Mill

  • Widely used in the processing of high-hardness materials, such as tool steel,alloy steel,Pre-hardened mold steel etc.
  • Good chip removal of the most suitable for processing high-speed cutting and groove.
  • Coarse tooth blade groove pattern design,processing weel after the surface roughness.
  • Shank design,the most sutable for deep cavity machining.

Work Material:


Diameter Standard:



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