HSS Annular Cutter

Model: HSS Anuular Cutter

Cuting Dia.:12-100mm

Cutting Depth: 25,35,50,75,100mm

Shank Dia.:19.0,19.05,18.0,31.75mm

Shank type: Unversal ,Weldon,FEIN Quick-IN ,Thread shank,

Material: HS M2AL

Packing: 1Piece in a box.


  • HSS annular cutter range with C type Universal shank(also called Multi-shank),which is suitable for quick-change arbor connector with 120°three-point positioning and arbor connector with 90°two-point perpendicular positioning.For the X type Weldon shank,which is suitable for two-point perpendicular positioning loading and unloading,X type Weldon shank are with better stability.For the F type Fein-Quick-IN shank,which is suitable for 90°distribution at locating holes.It fits Fein Quick-IN shank Magnetic drilling machine.
  • Made super tough high speed steel,with advanced and refined heat treatment process as well as multi-cut geometry,which have characteristics of high strength,better resistance,stable and smooth cutting.
  • Special production lines with CNC precision equipments and scientific quality control system,which provide product accuracy and consistency.
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