Digital Outside Micrometers

Digital Outside Micrometers

Model: Digital Outside Micrometer

Measuring range:0-25mm to 75-100mm


Material: Stainless steel

Packing: 1Piece in a box.

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  • ON/OFF/ORIGIN for switching on or off the micrometer,press and hold on this button for displaying starting value.
  • mm/in for metric and inch conversion.
  • ABS/INC for absolute and relative measurement conversion.
  • HOLD for reading holding.
  • Capacity system with data output interface,IP65 protection.
  • Painted steel frame with heat isolate holder.
  • Carbide tipped measuring faces.
  • Spindle made of high grade steel and hardened.
  • Ratchet system for providing measuring force.
  • Accessories: Packing box, battery,wrench,calibration rod(range more than 25mm),user manual.


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